3rd Edition of The West African Regional Magazine – Business and Leadership Awards to hold in Dubai

 The 3RD Edition of the West African Regional Magazine – Business and Leadership Awards is set to take place on the 30th July, 2016 at Grosvenor House, Dubai.  The theme for this year’s event was “Promoting African Intra-Regional Trade for the Development of Africa”.  The aim is to connect some of Africa’s foremost business leaders and potential Gulf States’ investors who are interested in exploring potential business investment opportunities on the African continent.

According to the Publisher, Rossette Aliu, the award ceremony is as much an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of some of Africa’s brightest corporate luminaries—and perhaps introduce their companies to the UAE market. The West African Regional Magazine, are therefore incredibly honoured to be hosting such an important event, which we are confident, would further strengthen business ties between Africa and the Gulf States.

“We wish to add here that this award event is necessitated by the real need for the West African Sub-Region—and indeed, the broader African business community to begin to deepen bilateral economic and trade ties with Gulf State countries—and particularly the United Arab Emirate’s business community, through peer networking events such as this award ceremony”, she added.

“Our organization aims to bring together notable corporate executives from Africa, investors, diplomats, and heads of governmental institutions at this event. Among this select group of attendees would be heads of leading institutions, organizations and corporations, business leaders of notable renowned, political leaders and exceptional traditional rulers who have impacted development”.

The West African Regional magazine established in 2006 is committed to highlighting achievements and initiatives in the sub region to the international community with the sole aim of opening up the region to investors from all over the world.


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