Saturday, September 19, 2020

The West African Regional Magazine is a quarterly publication. The magazine was founded by the Publisher, M. Rossette Aliu in April 2006—with the aim of promoting regional development in West Africa. Fed up with seeing negative highlights of only problematic areas across the sub-region, the magazine embarked on an annual quarterly editions with aims of highlighting developmental effort and potentials of regions, states and their rural areas to attract potential investors from all over the world.

The magazine host the West African Regional Magazine Achievers Awards within the sub-region and TWARM Business and Leadership Awards abroad, as the aim is to bridge the gaps amongst countries in the sub-region and promote the sub-region abroad to attract investors.

We believe the way forward to achieve development is to promote areas in the sub-region with potentials. We need to develop our industries in order to encourage job creation, infrastructure development, and to ensure the availability of basic amenities such as water and electricity. We aim to influence the removal of barriers that hinders doing business in the sub-region, to help expedite border regulations process for goods from other countries in the sub-region, and a process made easy to encourage cross-border business or trade.

Our aim is Promoting Regional Development in West Africa


To help develop the West Africa we can be proud of, one which can offer better opportunities to its people, in terms of job creation, better living condition, basic amenities and much more.

To bridge the gaps amongst West Africa countries to promote regional development, through encouraging trade and business amongst countries in the sub-region, and promoting the region across other African countries and abroad to attract potential investors through our publication online and on print.