BEATRICE LAMPTEY - Administrative Head

Beatrice Lamptey is the Administrative Head of NEW EDRAC COMPANY LIMITED, and she joined the company in 2010.  She manages and executes administrative, project, and executive support activities associated with the office.  She provides specialist administrative services as appropriate in such areas such as Fiscal management: public relations; general business administration and/or development and relations, depending upon the functional area supported.
Beatrice was instrumental during awards ceremonies for the West African Regional Magazine from 2012 to date, as she oversees travel & tour arrangements for participants during Achievers Awards, and TWARM Business and Leadership Awards.
She was a student of Robert Aryee Memorial in Accra-Ghana.  She holds a Certificate in Principles of Banking at Corporate Excellence.  She is computer trained with IT Training at Wyksoft.  She is currently furthering her education at the Central University College for a Degree in Business Management.