An uncommon compassion by Germany for the horde of asylum seeker rushing to Europe...

In a show of the sort of impeccable leadership that is expected of a steward of a sizable proportion of the world’s wealth, the...

The Need for African Economic Integration

It has become critical in this twenty-first century corporate environment that African businesses begin to engage in more bilateral trade and commerce across the...

The challenge of xenophobia in Africa

In recent years there has been an almost philosophical and academic discussion of the need for a broader integration of the regional, and continental-wide,...

The Unintended Economic Consequences of Isolationist Policy Initiatives on the Ebola Outbreak

It is understandable that our survival instinct generally compel us to react, often irrationally, when confronted with possible existential threat. However, it has been...

Obama African Union Speech in Ethiopia

To members of the African Union, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen -- thank you for welcoming me here today. It is a great honor...

The Minister for Roads and Highway delivers speech at the 2nd Edition of TWARM...

Excellences, Business Leaders, Participants, Media Practitioners, Invited Guest Ladies and Gentlemen” It is a privilege to be afforded the opportunity to speak on the subject of "the...
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