By Kwabena Adu Koranteng

Ghana’s Aviation industry has been experiencing remarkable growth over the years with the emergence and increasing number of world class Airlines in the world.

The likes of Lufthansa Belgian Air, Emirates Airlines, Ethiopia, Egypt Air South Africa Airways, Kenya Alitalia, and Turkish Airlines among others operate in and from Ghana. The choice for Ghana as an operational point ahead of some African countries reflects the value and the strength built in the country’s aviation systems by stakeholders. It also indicates how lucrative Ghana’s industry has been for these airline operators.

The aviation industry has been generating revenue for government in the form of income tax airport tax arrival and departure taxes among others. Aside that ,the operations of these  airlines have created employment for many skillful Ghanaians in the aviation industry.

The aviation and air travel industry stand out as one of the fastest growing and most competitive in the sub-region underscored by the number of commercial and cargo carriers plying in and out of Ghana. The number has more than doubled from 15 in the year  2000 to about 40 in 2013.

Projections by the Ghana Airport Company show that air passenger traffic is expected to hit six million by 2015.  This represents an expected increase of more than 200 percent over the total passenger throughput of 1.8 million recorded in 2011.

“They (Gambian Bird) are through the necessary designation processes, and as soon as that is over they will start flying into Accra.  Royal Jordanian has also indicated that it wants to start flying into Accra, so we need to go through the designation process, “Air Commodore Victor Kwame Mamphey (Rtd.), Director-General, Ghana Civil Aviation Authroity (GCAA), told the B&FT in an interview.

On the domestic front, the Airline industry is booming with several locally registered Airlines.  The Likes of Antrak Air, Africa World Airlines, Flight 74 and Starbow have been flying passengers from Accra to Kumasi Tamale Sunyani Takoradi, Tarkwa Abuja, Ouagadougou, cotounou Freetown and Monrovia. Due the increasing domestic and international demands on the aviation industry, it  is  pertinent for all parties to commit themselves to maintaining Ghana as the leader in aviation safety in the sub-region.

The domestic airlines have become highly reliable and have become the preference of most Ghanaians business people due to the safety and measures attached to their operations.

Though stakeholders have lauded the positive growth trend in the aviation industry, they however lament the small and deplorable nature of the country’s only international Airport , the Kotoka International Airportthe International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has always maintained a firm stance on the need for well-qualified, trained and motivated safety and security inspectors to discharge their duties above mentioned tasks and Ghana is lauded  for its remarkable performance.

Air Commodore Kwame Mamphey (Retd),  is the Director General of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), in a recent statement on aviation safety he said  the surge in airlines operating to Accra did not happen by chance but by dint of hard work and dedication exhibited by the safety inspectors that had earned Ghana’s airspace the reputation of being safe.

He also expressed confidence in the fact that Ghana’s quest to regain the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Category One status, which will allow Ghanaian registered airlines to operate in the United States, would be achieved by the dedication of safety inspectors.

The designation process requires applicants to apply though their respective governments to the Ghanaian government.  The Ghana government will then forward the request to the Ministry of Transport for onward submission to the GCAA.

“Based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), or a bilateral agreement, the countries can designate the airlines to fly in whatever direction.  When it comes to the GCAA, what we do is visit the airlines and conduct an inspection on their facilities; the aircraft-type that is going to be use, their operational maintenance base.  Once we are satisfied, they are clear to go, “Air Commodore Mamphey (Rtd.) said.

Iberia Airlines has commenced direct flight from Accra to Madrid with two flights a week between the two cities.

Airlines Flying to Ghana

There are 63 airlines operating in Ghana, two of which (Antrak Air and CiTylink) offer domestic flights. Below are the direct routes.

Airline Flying From Route
Aero Cote D’ivoire Abidjan – Accra
Equatorial Guinea Malabo – Accra
Gabon Liberville – Accra
Liberia Monrovia – Accra
Nigeria Lagos – Accra
Afriqiyah Airways Belgium Brussels – Accra
France Paris – Accra
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Tripoli – Accra
Netherlands Amsterdam – Accra
Switzerland Geneva – Accra
Togo Lome – Accra
United Kingdom London – Accra
Air Burkina Burkina Faso Bobo Dioulasso – Accra
Burkina Faso Ouagadougou – Accra
Cote D’ivoire Abidjan – Accra
France Paris – Accra
Mali Bamako – Accra
Niger Niamey – Accra
Senegal Dakar – Accra
Togo Lome – Accra
Air Ivoire Benin Cotonou – Accra
Cote D’ivoire Abidjan – Accra
Togo Lome – Accra
Alitalia United Kingdom London – Accra
Antrak Air Burkina Faso Ouagadougou – Accra
Ghana Kumasi – Accra
Ghana Kumasi – Accra
Ghana Ouaga – Accra
Ghana Tamale – Accra
Arik Air Nigeria Lagos – Accra
Bellview Airlines Cote D’ivoire Abidjan – Accra
Liberia Monrovia – Accra
Nigeria Lagos – Accra
British Airways United Kingdom London – Accra
CiTylink Ghana Sunyani – Accra
Ghana Takoradi – Accra
Ghana Tamale – Accra
Delta Airlines United States Denver – Accra
United States New York – Accra
Egypt Air Egypt Cairo – Accra
Emirates Cote D’ivoire Abidjan – Accra
United Arab Emirates Dubai – Accra
Ethiopian Airlines Cote D’ivoire Abidjan – Accra
Ethiopia Addis Ababa – Accra
Nigeria Lagos – Accra
Togo Lome – Accra
Ghana International Airlines United Kingdom London – Accra
Kenya Airways Kenya Nairobi – Accra
Liberia Monrovia – Accra
Sierra Leone Freetown – Accra
KLM Netherlands Amsterdam – Accra
Lufthansa Germany Frankfurt – Accra
Middle East Airlines Cote D’ivoire Abidjan – Accra
Lebanon Beirut – Accra
Nigeria Kano – Accra
Nigeria Lagos – Accra
Royal Air Maroc Cote D’ivoire Abidjan – Accra
Morocco Casablanca – Accra
Togo Lome – Accra
Slok Air Gambia Liberia Monrovia – Accra
South African Airways South Africa Johannesburg – Accra
Virgin Nigeria Nigeria Lagos – Accra
Senegal Dakar – Accra


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