Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Nii Guate Asuasa Ekasee Ako II was born Nii Kpakpa Quartey and at the tender age of nine(9), he was chosen as Custodian of the Gua War Stool and as the Traditional Field Marshal of the Ga State.  He was sworn in officially in April 19th, 2008 at the age of 29, making an historic moment in the Ga State the youngest Senior Commander to take over the realms of leadership in the history of the ancient Ga Kingdom.


Nii Guate Asuasa II comes from a direct bloodline of Warrior Kings.  He is the Great, Great Grandson of Nii Kwatei Kojo, Ga Akwashon Mantse, who was the Supreme Commander and Field Marshal of Ga Forces who defeated the invincible Ashanti Army during the Historic Great Battle of Katamansu in 1826.  The War Power of the Old Ga Kingdom was secretly bestowed upon Nii Guate Asuasa II for the first time dating back to when his Great, Great Grandfather Nii Kwatei Kojo was Supreme Commander of the Ga State.  It is said that the Crab does not give birth to a Bird.


Nii Guate went to Harvard College, Accra for his secondary school education.  He left the shore of Ghana for the U.S. State of Pennsylvania, where he attended Easton High School and Allentown College respectively.  After six year education abroad, he chalked success by acquiring a Diploma in General Arts and Associate in Specialised Business Degree in Marketing Management, and Business Administration.  He returned to Ghana after his education abroad and began assisting the Royal Elders in Accra by promoting peace and unity within the Ga State.


Nii Guate interest in the West African Regional Magazine grew as the focus of the magazine interested the traditional ruler, who himself is an advocate for peace and development in the Ga State, Ghana and other parts of Africa. Nii Guate bought into the idea of the publication and remains a constant contributor behind the scenes to the benefit of the publication.