MCKELVIN EJEAGHA - Layout/Design/Picture Editors

Driven to his set goals and ambition, with degree in Computer Science and Technology.  Went to Pentrix System Computer College to enhance his skills, Franike Institution of Computer Studies respectively.
Having worked in a good number of companies in the course of his career, and have taught as a lecturer in some colleges.
His skills lead him to The West African Regional Magazine Media Company in 2009, were he gained, acquired and surpass many challenges in the course of his task especially during the innovation of the company’s newspaper and directory tagged “Regional News” and “Regional Directory”.  Alongside with the vision and goals of this company, he is still working with this prestigious media company up till date.
He was privileged to have acquired some experiences in difference fields of labour, industries, seminars and conferences that involves administration, graphics, construction, building, advertising, packaging, printing, publishing, travels, marketing, events and facility management.
During his services, he was known for his organized, proactive, creative and self-motivated person with exceptional team-work abilities.  His excellent analytical, organizational, problem-solving, attention to details and negotiating abilities is overwhelming.
He is currently the founder and chief executive officer of Kcyl International which was established in the year 2009, McLorenz Company in 2012, McKelvin International in 2014 and UpKeep Agency in 2016.